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Abhisekh Shrestha Looks Similar To Star Anmol KC – Interview

Abhisekh Shrestha is getting viral over social media due to his looks which is similar to young star Anmol KC. Abhisekh’s smile, face cut and his hair style makes him look very similar to Anmol KC and you will definitely gets shocked after seeing him.

Abhisekh Shrestha who is from Bhaktapur is a student of IT as well as he has keen interest on modeling and being an actor. But he says he has not yet took benefit of his looks being similar to Anmol KC as granted to get opportunity. But he is getting viral over social media since few days.

Watch an exclusive interview with Abhisekh Shrestha:

Abhisekh shares that while walking on road many girls gets confused and tries to take selfie with me thinking I am Anmol KC. I have to tell them later that I am not Anmol. He is working on an Indian web series very soon.

Abhisekh Shrestha Who Looks Similar To Anmol KC

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