About Us

977 MAG is a Nepali entertainment portal. We are not just a regular portal site covering news, we provide movie reviews of Nepali films, views and analysis about the business of Nepali movies.

Interesting Fact About Us:

We don’t ask any advertisement with any producer or director because we may feel bad if they don’t give and that may lead us to be biased like other portal sites. If any producer feel that they will be benefited by advertising on our site than we welcome gladly. We support every movie either it is of Rekha Thapa genre or Priyanka Karki genre. We try to include latest updates on every movie that is releasing on Friday and we want to share the voice of director/producer and actor’s from our interview section.

About Movie Review:

As we have mentioned above that we are not biased which can be felt from our content also. We review so as to make our audience aware whether to watch that movie or not. If yes than why should they watch and if not than why not to watch? For director / producer we clearly mention what are their positive aspects and negative aspects. As we have mentioned that we support Nepali movie but that doesn’t mean we suggest you to watch only Nepali film. No not at all. We only suggest good Nepali movie that won’t waste your money and time.

Business Of Nepali Cinema:

If you catch any producer whose movie has been released recently and ask about the business of their movie, most of them would say gladly that they have recovered their investment. To be frank, everyone is lying. We have meet only few producers (may be 2 or 3 producers) who have guts to say they have lost their money. Rest of them are giving fake statement. That means most of the movies have not recovered their business. The main problem of Nepali movies is our industry don’t have box office system due to which there is no any exact figure of the business of any cinema. Due to lack of box office system in Nepal, every producer can say they have recovered their investment.

We don’t believe in such statement. Because we have review of each movie, we have theater’s occupancy details, we do analysis of each movie and we talk with distributor and theater about the business of the movie and sum up that whether that movie has recovered its business or not. We want to aware new film makers about the business of Nepali cinema, about the market of Nepali cinema and pros and cons of Nepali cinema.

Our Motto:

We are not just an entertainment portal site, we are here to make aware about Nepali movies to audience, to upcoming film makers and to existing film makers. We publish news, we review movie, we do analysis of business of Nepali cinema, we bring pros and cons of film industry. Overall we are here to support Nepali film industry and to uplift our film industry from the side of an entertainment portal site.

Our team believe ”Supporting Nepali movies doesn’t meant you should watch every Nepali movies. Support Nepali movies by watching good movies.