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Ajhai Pani – Movie Review

Ajhai Pani is released today across the theaters of Nepal. Along with Ajhai Pani, Mission Paisa Reloaded is also released all over Nepal. Ajhai Pani is the last movie directed by late Alok Nembang whereas Ajhai Pani is the first movie of director Sudarshan Thapa debuting as an actor. Ajhai Pani is love triangular movie featuring Sudarshan Thapa, Puza Sharma, Surakshya Pant, Pushpa Khadka. Bishal Dhungana,Pramila Khanal,Bipana Dhimal,Bijay Lama,Mithila Sharma,Ramsaran Pathak in lead role. Movie is written by Ramsaran Pathak whereas produced by Sudarshan Thapa Production and Poonam Entertainment.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Three And Half Stars)

What’s Good: Direction, performance of actors, background score, cinematography, dialogues.

What’s Bad: Screenplay and script that gets tiring at last 45 minutes, action scene before interval, a bit lengthy that could be edited easily.


Ajhai Pani is the story of Kushal who grew up with his grandparents. After the death of his parents, Kushal has been staying with his grandparents at one village nearby Kathmandu city. Kushal is handsome and chocolaty and every girls of his village have strong desire to marry him. But Kushal falls in love with Yunisha. Yunisha is nephew of Rana Bahadur, who is from Magar community. At one side, Kushal and Yunisha’s love affair is getting deep and in other hand Kushal’s grandparents invited Shaili from another village to meet Kushal and fix their marriage. Shaili comes to stay at Kushal’s home and tries to convince him to get married whereas Kushal ignores her for Yunisha. Two girls who are crazy of Kushal tries to break the relation of Kushal and Yunisha. For that they creates misunderstanding between Kushal and Yunisha which lead to conflict between them. Yunisha ignores him and reject his marriage proposal whereas Shaili is waiting to marry Kushal as she also falls in love with him. Will Kushal get Yunisha back and clear his misunderstanding? Or will Shaili get Kushal and marry with him? What will be next? You have to go to the theater and watch the movie to know the story of Kushal, Yunisha and Shaili.

Ajhai Pani Review:

Ajhai Pani starts with a good story and love story that creates excitement among the audience. Love story of Kushal and Yunisha, entry of Shaili and her love for Kushal, Kushal’s dedication towards Yunisha, Shaili’s dedication towards Kushal makes the movie exciting for the audience. Superb background score, awesome performance and mind blowing cinematography along with these triangular love story gets into your nerves for sure. But the movie gets tiring at its last 45 minutes which will bring you down somehow. Love story’s pace gets diverse after interval which is one major weak aspect of the movie which failed to create a remarkable love story movie.



Actors have performed very well. Especial mention is Sudarshan Thapa who has debut as an actor but his performance as Kushal looks so mature and gets into your nerve. He will make you laugh, he will touch your heart and mind, he will make you feel his pain from his performance. Especially for female, Kushal’s character will make you fall in love with him and his love and dedication towards his girl will give you an expectation to have such love in your life. Puza Sharma as Yunisha also looks good and she has portrayed her character well. Surakshya Panta as Shaili looks beautiful and innocent. Her love and devotion towards Kushal will touch your heart for sure. Bijay Lama as Rana Bahadur looks good and supports the movie’s story well. Mithila Sharma as grandmother steals the show with her loving and charming performance.

There are few moments inside the movie which have been captured brilliantly and kudos to cinematographer Rajesh Shrestha. Background score by Shailendra Pradhan ‘Babu’ is another appreciable aspects of the movie. Cinematographer and background score adds a great value to the movie which makes the movie delightful in one aspect. Asta Maharjan’s action is average and doesn’t adds good thrill to the love story movie. Songs are beautiful and has been placed at right timing. Choreography of Alok Nembang is good.


Ajhai Pani is last movie of director Alok Nebamg. Alok knows to present love story very beautifully. He takes care of small moments inside the movie and we can find many scenes within the movie which are placed beautifully. At recent time, no any love story movie has been presented in such a way that will get into the audience. Few scenes like Yunisha when sits in the bike of Kushal and feels awkward while touching him, moments of Kushal and his grandmother are some valuable scenes presented by Alok Nembang. Coming to the climax. There’s no way to put it kindly: it is just terribly long. If only he had managed to trim the climax, the film would have really stood out. But, alas.



Last Word:

Ajhai Pani is worth a watch not just to pay your last respects to Alok Nembang. It’s a one time watchable movie.

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