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Must Watch: The Cartoonz Crew Presents You Different Taste On Almoda’s Song

The Cartoonz Crew and Almoda Rana Uprety’s team work has always been working and this time The Cartoonz Crew has presented a video on Almoda Rana’s song and this time they present you a different taste rather than presenting regular dancing and jolly number.

Song ‘Kahile Bhetne Khai’ may not be new for Almoda’s fan but the video has made this song worth listening on repeat mode. The Cartoonz Crew has presented the video and expresses the sad feelings of the song very suitably. Their dance and moves expressing pain is a touchy part of the video.

Watch the music video right here:

The Cartoonz Crew’s regular videos’ fan may miss their regular dancing moves as they are not seen this time in jolly and dancing mood as the song is a sad number and the video flows with the feeling of the song.

Aashma Bishwokarma From The Cartoonz Crew

The Cartoonz Crew will have their original line up on Bharat Sitaula’s upcoming music video which is slated to release shortly. Sabin Karki ‘Beest’ will also be performing with the band on this video and this gonna be a treat for their fans. Keep watching for exclusive video after its release.

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