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Ashok Darji’s Family Situation At Critical Situation, Mother Suffering From Painful Accident

Ashok Darji is one of the most viral singer over social media. His songs, his interviews, his videos has been viral over social media since two months. Ashok who has recorded only one song has been doing events at abroad and in Nepal to collect fund for building house at Damak. While Ashok is busy collecting fund for his house, we found a video which shows the critical situation of his family at his house.

Ashok Darji’s family member are at Damak where we saw they are suffering from lack of money. His mother has meet an accident which had a severe cut in her leg and due to lack of money she couldn’t do treatment since few days which is a painful situation which we saw in Ashok’s house. A team of a media went and helped her by giving fund to do the treatment of her leg.

Watch the video coverage from Damak, Ashok Darji’s home visit and his family situation at present scenario:

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