Barsha Raut Reveals The Secret Behind Supporting Brazil At Worldcup


World cup fever is so high among Nepali celebrities that we can see them wearing their favorite team’s jersey and posting the photos and stories on social networking sites and showing their support on their game. Whole Nepal is at football fever since three days.

Actress Barsha Raut is also one of the active celebrity who is wearing her favorite team’s jersey since three days to show her moral support to their game. Barsha Raut is supporter of team Brazil and she is wearing jersey of Brazil since few days. We can see her photos and stories at her pages and showing support to Brazil and Messi.

On an exclusive interview, Barsha Raut has shared the reason behind supporting Brazil. She loved the jersey of Brazil few years back which made her to be supporter of Brazil and now she loves the game of Messi due to which she is blind supporter of Brazil. Watch an exclusive interview with Barsha Raut right here:

Barsha Raut also clarifies that she is not being featured in the new installment of Chhakka Panja series but she has some chance of being featured in a song. She shares that Sanjog Koirala is in the film not due to her reference rather director Deepa Shree Niraula selected him for a role in the film.

Actress Barsha Raut

Barsha Raut shares that her love interest Sanjog Koirala is not interested on football and world cup so he don’t have any favorite team. She had bought him jersey of Brazil and made him to support Brazil along with  her.

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