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Benisha Hamal Returns Award Questioning Organizer For Not Respecting Award

When Benisha Hamal flew Dubai to attend an award program with her team, it was sure that she was nominated and she will be getting an award too. But when she was given award for the title ‘Popular Actress’ she denied to accept the award, questioning the organizer and the judges “Do I deserve this award? When was I popular?” which made everyone shameful.

She was also nominated in ‘Best Model In Music Videos’ but Namrata Sapkota won the title for which she also congratulated. She also added, “I would rather be happy for not getting any award than getting which I don’t deserve. We must respect this award, it is not to please anyone.”

Benisha Hamal With Naresh Bhattarai At Award In Dubai

This bold decision of Benisha Hamal denying to receive award for the title on which she was not pleased has added a big question mark upon the organizers of award who has gave award to those celebrities who went abroad to attend the ceremony. Earlier a news came regarding this award function that every celebrities and media persons who went to attend this ceremony has paid NRs. 55000 to the organizer.

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