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Chhakka Panja 2 To Prem Geet 2 Re-Released Due To Lack Of New Release

Due to the election chatters there are no new movies available in the halls so they are forced to re-show the movies that have already been played before. From Sunday, QFX movies are providing two shows to CHAKKA PANJA 2. FATEKO JUTTA has also been re-released from Friday and JHYANAKUTI from Mangsir 1st. Similarly, movie MELA has also been released on a single screen.

Similarly Prem Geet 2 and Dui Rupaiyan film are also re-released at QFX Channels and at other multiplexes. These films which are re-released has got few shows on multiplex. As there is no any new release Nepali films nor any big Bollywood films due to which theaters are compelled to re-release hit Nepali films.

Official Poster Of Prem Geet 2 Featuring Pradeep Khadka And Aaslesha Thakuri

Earlier Padmawati was supposed to release last Friday and for that film big Nepali films had not locked the release date but later Padmawati got postponed due to which no any Nepali film could release nor any Bollywood.

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