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Deepak Raj Claims His Movie ‘Chhakka Panja’ Doesn’t Support Women Violence

On Wednesday (today) in one program organized in capital K-town, Deepak Raj Giri, the lead actor and producer of ‘Chhakka Panja’, has spoken on ongoing “war of words” between Chhakka Panja  film team and actress Richa Ghimire.

Saying that although he has no clear idea on women violence, the actor has claimed his film ‘Chhakka Panja’ doesn’t support women violence. “Nowadays, the movie made with ill intention   to humiliate or upset any community is hard to get passed through censor board. We are fully aware of this and thus pay our serious attention on this aspect,” Giri said. “The film Chhakka Panja has only one scene where a man has slapped women.”

Watch Deepak Raj Giri’s speech right here:

Giri is also of opinion that all the cine artists should unite and work together to make Nepali cine industry more strong and more professional and beneficial to all. “One have all rights to point out the poor aspect of movie as an audience. But as an artist one should praise the efforts made by other fellow artists,” Giri remarked.

Giri also admits that as he and some of his team members have come from small screen, they are still learning to cope with the success and ups and downs of big screen.

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