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Double Attack With Rajesh Payal Rai: Explores His Playboy Image To His Marriage Plans

Rajesh Payal Rai is one of the most preferred singer for Nepali films and for collection albums. Rajesh Payal Rai comes into many controversies due to his affair with actress and many girls. As he is not married which has also became hot issue for medias.

During an interview Rajesh Payal Rai explored his controversies image for the first time where he has revealed some internal issues which has became hot talk for media. He shares that he has never been in serious relationship with any actress nor anyone and he is looking for a girl to get married.

Watch an exclusive video interview with Rajesh Payal Rai right here:

Rajesh Payal Rai has also shared about his habits of drinking alcohol for long time. He shared that he has even drank drinks of around 80 thousand in a day. Now he shares that he has took him out of the image of alcohol.

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