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Kumar Kattel ‘Jigri’ Becomes Emotional Due To Weak Politicial Situation Of Nepal

Popular comedian actor Kumar Kattel who is popularly known as ‘Jigri’ has shares some emotional feelings on an interview with an online media. During the interview, Kumar Kattel has shared the situation of Nepali politics and how politics of Nepal is going and why this culture of Nepali politics is not beneficial for development of Nepal.

He also shared how Nepali reacts upon the scene of Seema Subedi but doesn’t speak a word against those politicians of our country who has created such situation. He blames the culture of our society on selecting the leaders and how those leaders has been treating us in bad way. Kumar Kattel explores the possibilities of the development of Nepal if we develop good culture of politics.

Watch full interview with Kumar Kattel ‘Jigri’ right here:

Kumar Kattel ‘Jigri’ also shared how he has been treated at abroad due to political instability of Nepal. He also gives suggestion to all voters how they should vote this time so that next five years can be a challenging for politicians as well as for development of Nepal.

Kumar Kattel ‘Jigri’ Interview About Election Of Nepal

Kumar Kattel ‘Jigri’ is preparing on his first film ‘Fun Funny’ which will be directed by Nischal Basnet. According to Kumar, film is on writing phase and soon they will organize a press meet to reveal details of the film.

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