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Jyoti Magar’s Powerful Answer To Badri Pageni About Banning Glamorous On Lok Dohori

Badri Pageni has took an application to Nepal Government’s Official regarding the glamorous that is spread on Lok Dohori songs. Being a Chariman of Lok Dohori Pratisthan, Badri Pageni felt that these days Lok Dohori songs are getting glamorous due to exposure as well as due to use of double meaning words.

On that Jyoti Magar was dragged into controversy as she is said to be the most glamorous model and singer in Lok Dohori. Media has presented this initiative of Badri Pageni in a way that it is done targeting Jyoti Magar and her glamorous avatar.

Watch an exclusive interview with Jyoti Magar right here:

Jyoti Magar has shared that her glamorous is not vulgar as she knows her limit. If someone tries to take my photos from wrong angel than its not my fault. This can happen with anyone. Also Jyoti says that Badri Pageni’s hit song ‘Sasurali Ma’ also have wrong sense which doesn’t preserve our culture so this initiative won’t affect me and my presentation until my audience loves it.

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