Love You Baba – Movie Review

Love You Baba directed by 8 years old kid Saugat Bista was released all over Nepal on Manghsir 26. Business wise movie has not shown any growth yet. Movie is produced by Samjhana Pokharel and distributed by Shree Ram Balaji Films / F.D Company. Love You Baba is made on the story of Gajit Bista which was further written by Gamvir Bista. Movie features Gajit Bista, Nishma Ghimire, Ashishma Nakarmi, Sangam Bista, Nirmal Sharma, Bashanta Bhatta, Anmol Agrawal, Arjun Gurung in lead role. Saugat Bista is the world’s youngest film director.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Three And Half Stars)

What’s Good: Direction, performance, story and screenplay, emotional aspects.

What’s Bad: Songs (not bad but could have been better), climax which could have been much better.


Love You Baba is the story of a father and his daughter. Sushant is living his normal life with his daughter Chanchal. Sushant’s wife expires as soon as Chanchal comes to the earth. Nishma claims herself as a social worker and tries to come near to Sushant and Chanchal with the help of some incidents. With the help of Chanchal, Nishma becomes close to Sushant and both falls in love with each other. Chanchal is hospitalized due to an accident while riding bicycle. During that period, a flash back is shown and suspense is revealed how Chanchal’s mother expires due to her grandfather. And also it is revealed that Nishma is sister of Chanchal’s mother. Nishma’s father (also Sushant’s father in law) is guilty as he lost his daughter due to his mistake and he beg with Sushant to let him be near to Chanchal. But Sushant doesn’t allow. Also another twist comes to Sushant’s life. Doctor gives Sushant notice that Chanchal will stay with him only for maximum 3-4 months as she will leave earth due to some illness. What will happen next on Sushant life? How will he handle all these tragedy ? Will he save his daughter from death? Will he forgive his father-in-law and marry Nishma? Watch the movie to know more about the movie Love You Baba.

Love You Baba Movie Review:

Being just 8 Years old, Saugat Bista has presented movie in a well manner. A well written movie is presented effectively. There is emotional aspects, there is comedy, humor, romance which is presented in a well manner. It won’t be wrong to tell that we find hard to watch such well presented movies from other directors of Nepal. Saugat has made Love You Baba to stand among the best movies of the year. Kudos to this small kid and his team for making one of the finest nepali movie.



Gamvir Bista did fine work with the scripts and dialogues of Love You Baba. Script is filled with good dose of comedy, twists, emotion and some scenes that will bring tears to light heart people. And everything is written so well that it won’t let you feel bore or feel like any scenes are not relevant. Dialogues are really interesting and suits to every characters.

Gajit Bista’s performance on Maya’s Bar was not so appreciable but in Love You Baba he has performed very well. He has gave life to his character Sushant. When Sushant’s character is surrounded by tragedy and pains, it will touch your heart. Nishma Ghimire looks beautiful and gorgeous. Her one liner dialogues are good and adds freshness to her character. Sangam Bista has performed very well and has a bright future in film industry. Nirmal Sharma is good at both comic as well as emotional scenes. Subrat Acharya, Anu Shah adds value in cameo role. Ashishma Nakarmi is good in her character.

Movie have some bad aspects in the movie but movie’s script has overlapped those bad aspects in such a way that you may feel something is missing but you won’t feel bored inside the theater. Movie’s music could have been better. Climax could also have been much better.

Last Word:

Love You Baba is a must watch movie not only because it is directed by 8 year old kid but also a well written and directed movie. Don’t Miss.

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