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Masti And Fun Of Anil Singh With ‘Selfie Queen’ Rabina Thapa

Selfie Queen song is getting good response from audience at social media. First debut song of Rabina Thapa featuring with Anil Singh has been hugely appreciated which has lead this team to work further on an album.

During a fun filled interview with Selfie Queen team, lyricist Naresh Bhattarai, music director Anil Singh and singer Rabina Thapa has shared that they will be releasing new album shortly which will have total 5 songs and all of them are special ones.

Watch an exclusive interview with Selfie Queen team right here:

Singer Anil Singh and lyricist Naresh Bhattarai praised the talent of Rabina Thapa who has perfectly expressed the song’s feel and they takes this as the major USP for the success of the song. Selfie Queen is written by Naresh Bhattarai and composed by Anil Singh.

Selfie Queen Team Interview

Naresh Bhattarai, Anil Singh and Rabina Thapa will be releasing new album ‘Follow Me’ very soon.

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