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Must Watch Video: Sushma Karki And Puja Sharma Not Having Good Terms

Nepali actress Puja Sharma and Sushma Karki are not having good terms with each other which is a known gossips for audience. Today during an event, both of them were together but each other ignored in front of media and other celebrities which clarified that they don’t have good term with each other.

During the event, Sushma Karki greeted and shake her hand with other actress and when Puja Sharma’s turn came Sushma went to other side. Rekha Thapa who was with Puja Sharma tried to shake Sushma’s hand with Puja but Sushma denied and went to other side. Puja Sharma was also not showing any interest upon Sushma Karki and was wondering why Rekha is trying to shake their hand.

Watch the video coverage where we can clearly see that Sushma Karki and Puja Sharma are not having good term and all those gossips are true. But what is the reason behind their bitter relation? We will be discussing next day. Watch the video right now:

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