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Nai Na Bhannu La 3 – Movie Review

Nai Na Bhannu La 3 is the third series of Nai Na Bhannu La franchise. Movie is directed by new director Muskan Dhakal. Bikash Acharya has produced and written the movie. Movie features Aryan Sigdel, Priyanka Karki, Suraj Singh Thakuri, Samyam Puri, Ashma DC, Sanchita Luitel, Anubhav Regmi in lead role. Movie is released all over Nepal from Chaitra 27.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Three And Half Stars)

What’s Good: Performance, Music, Story, Dialogues, Direction.

What’s Bad: Too much melodrama which may bore at some place.


Movie starts with Sameer (Suraj Singh Thakuri) who comes out of the jail. Rhythm (Anubhav Regmi) is the son of Kusum (Priyanka Karki). Kusum is a single mother and dance teacher by profession. Prakash (Aryan Sigdel) is a single father and a best friend of Kusum. Prakash is always with Kusum and have a strong desire to marry her and take responsibility of both Kusum and Rhythm. Whereas Kusum is fan of Sameer, who is also a singer. But Sameer has his own past which has affected him at present. There comes a point when Prakash finds that Kusum doesn’t have feelings for him, Rhythm finds some bitter truth of his life and Sameer is in search of something which he had lost in his past. To know the individual story of all these characters, you have to go and watch the movie which is running across the theater of Nepal.


Nai Na Bhannu La 3 Review:

Nai Na Bhannu La 3 is directed by new director Muskan Dhakal. Muskan has done appreciable work and it is one of the best movie made by debut director this year. Muskan has not missed to fill emotion quotient in the movie that is what we expect from this sequel. Soft-hearted audience will cry with the character’s pain and struggle. Muskan has balanced the movie with comedy, music, drama in a well manner. Too many characters and their individual melo drama can make you bore at some point and make you feel the movie have over melodrama. But the climax will cherish you. Kudos to Muskan Dhakal.

Movie’s cinematography by Purshottam Pradhan is appreciable. He have shot very brilliantly and every scene looks beautiful and colorful. Kabiraj Gahatraj’s choreography is good. Another strong aspects of the movie is music. Basanta Sapkota’s music is melodious and are placed timely. Being a musical movie, songs are melodious and soft which will flow with the story. Although songs are not better than previous part but the songs will get into you while watching the movie.



Actors performance is another major good aspect of the movie. Muskan Dhakal has succeed to bring out the best from the actors on his very first movie. Priyanka Karki as Kusum looks gorgeous and smart. Suraj Singh Thakuri as Sameer is brilliant. If you compare Suraj’s past movies with this, you will find the improvement. One of the appreciable part is the action scene where he has performed well. He is superb at romantic, action and drama. Anubhav Regmi is no doubt the best child actor of Nepali film industry at present. He has done superb work. Samyam Puri and Ashma DC have a small role and has done good. Aryan Sigdel as Prakash is mind blowing. After November Rain, this is the best work of Aryan. He has perfect timing of comedy and romance. He will entertain you throughout the movie by making you laugh as well as make you cry. You will laugh with him as well cry with his pain.

Bikash Acharya’s story and screenplay has more drama than the previous one. Nai Na Bhannu La 3 has bigger expectation due to the success of Nai Na Bhannu La 2. And obviously there will be a comparison with these two movies. Movie meets the level of Nai Na Bhannu La 2 but couldn’t come out the best yet. Both of these movie have completely new story and plot. Bikash’s story presents the story of single parent in a well manner which is an appreciable aspect.

Movie have some flaws like being a musical film it is not necessary that Sameer character have to carry guitar every time wherever he goes. Such small things are not taken into consideration but that doesn’t ruin the movie too and can be ignored. Movie’s screenplay looses its pace at some place which will make audience feel monotonous at middle but when the movie reach the climax, it will cherish. Overall Nai Na Bhannu La 3 meets the expectation beside its flaws.

Last Word:

Unlike Nai Na Bhannu La 2, this part has happy ending. There are very rare nepali movie which could be watched with whole family. So go and enjoy this movie and celebrate Happy New Year. A complete family entertaining movie to watch with whole family.

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