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Nai Na Bhannu La 5 Child Actor Sedrina Sharma And Her Family For The First Time In Media

Nai Na Bhannu La 5 is released all over Nepal from today and film has got huge number of screens. According to the report, film is releasing from more than 110 screens all over Nepal and film is expected to bring storm on box office as no any film has done superb opening this year till the date.

Nai Na Bhannu La 5 features the love story of two child which is portrayed by Anubhav Regmi and Sedrina Sharma. Sedrina Sharma is debuting as a child actress from the film and she has already created hype over media with her performance and her style of answering the questions. Sedrina Sharma is taken as a next star of Nepali film industry as she has potential to be an actress.

Sedrina Sharma and her family have faced the very first interview where they shares the story of their bonding, how Sedrina was grown and her interest of going to movies are shared in this interview. Also Sedrina’s parents shares their love story and her father Sangam Sharma responds towards all those negative comments that came to her daughter on YouTube.

Watch an exclusive interview with Sedrina Sharma and her family right here:

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