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Niruta Singh Expresses Desire To Come Back On A Film With Strong Content

Niruta Singh is one of the finest actress in the history of film industry. Most of her films has done record breaking business. She used to earn equal to male artists at her time. However, her career slowly became weak with the changing time period. After that she took break from film and has started staying at India since long

After few failures she started living in Mumbai. Recently, she was seen in some award programs held in Sikkim and UAE where she sang a song and audience appreciated it with comment saying “once more”. Being in an award programs brought back beautiful memories that she experienced being in film industry. She was very happy while having dinner with Nepali artists of recent time.

Niruta Singh During An Event

While having a conversation she showed her interest to come back in movies but she also said that she is waiting for an appropriate story because there is no meaning coming back through simple and inactive story. She is also being missed and audience are waiting for the moment.

Niruta Singh also came into media few months ago when she has posted a photo with Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra’s mother. There arise some rumors too that Niruta will be featured in the film produced by Priyanka’s mother.

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