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Nisha Adhikari Speaks About Her Married Life On Promotion Of Jhyanakuti

Nisha Adhikari has turned into producer with the film ‘Jhyanakuti’ which is all set to release on Manghsir 1 all over Nepal. Nisha Adhikari who debuted as an actress from Mission Paisa which was directed by Simosh Sunuwar and now she has teamed up with Simosh on producing the film.

During the promotion of the film Jhyanakuti, Nisha Adhikari has shared about her married life experience. She shares with happiness she has even gained weight after marriage. She also shares the benefit of marrying with Sharad Veswakar as both of them have mutual understanding upon their respective career and respect their work which is an important USP for happy relationship.

Watch an exclusive video interview with Nisha Adhikari right here:

Nisha Adhikari’s another film ‘Romeo’ is releasing this week. But Nisha is more engaged on Jhyanakuti promotion rather than Romeo.

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