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Pardeshi – Movie Review

Rating: 3.5/5 (Three And Half Stars)

What’s Good: Story and Screenplay that will strike at the heart of audience, actors performance that are brilliant, songs that are melodious, a pure organic film that is made rarely in Nepal.

What’s Bad: Cinematography which is not appreciable, climax which is kind of filmy climax.


Pardeshi portrays the story of a village of Palpa where few people of the village are bounded to go to golf nation to work and earn for sustaining their family’s life. Movie revolves around the story of Binay who is the son of ‘Dharme Sailo’. Binay is in love with ‘Namrata’ who is also from the same village. Binay’s sister is at Qatar and her family are in the same village. Dharme Sailo had some debt to pay to ‘Saau Ba’. Saau Ba is a rich man of the village. When Binay realizes that his father will have to face problem if he can’t clear the debt that is in his head, Binay plans to go to golf nation to earn money. He plans to go Qatar by the help of a fraud agent. After reaching Qatar, he meets his sister all sudden and finds her pain. Film further revolves around the situation of village and Binay at Qatar. To know the further story of the film, you have to go and watch the film.


Pardeshi – Film Review:

Pardeshi’s strong key points are its story and screenplay, music and actors performance. These key elements of the film has made the film a watchable one. Ramesh BC and Narayan Raymajhi has written the story and screenplay that it has its heart in the right place. Credit must be given to the story and screenplay for adding emotional undercurrent into the film which are appreciable and will hold you in the seat. The emotions touch the right chord and a couple of them could even make the weak-hearted cry.

Musician B.B.Anuragi is another appreciable team member of the film Pardeshi. All the songs of the film are melodious that will get into the nerves of the audience. Every song has its importance in the film which will take the story to next level. Except first song performed by Binay on stage which don’t have any linked with the story, other all songs are placed at right place. Another important mention is that at some place songs expresses the emotions and feelings of the character which will touch your heart. A purely folk melody songs will make your movie experience enjoyable.

Actors performance are another strong aspects of the film. I could not find any flaw on any actors’ performance. From lead actors to supporting actors, child actors to guest actors, every one has performed brilliantly. Every actors have got into the character and performed. Every character are developed properly which will give sense to their individual story and will help audience to relate with them.


Prashant Tamang being an Indian idol and an international celebrity, he is not presented in the film as a celebrity or an actor. His introduction in the film is nothing special because he is presented as a Binay rather than a celebrity. This is one of the important beauty of the film. Prashant is into the character of Binay so much that audience will forget that they are watching Prashant in the screen.

Rajni KC was featured in glamorous avatar in her first film Loafer. But in Pardeshi, she has got a big opportunity to showcase her talent as an actress. And she has utilized the opportunity to fullest. Her performance as a Namrata is brilliant. Keshav Bhattarai as Binay’s father is good. Naren Khadka has also performed well. All other actors have done appreciable work which have gave life to every characters of the film.

Pardeshi’s major drawback is its cinematography. Shiva Dhakal’s cinematography is poor. Beautiful scene of Palpa are not captured well. All the shots are normal and doesn’t add beauty to the visual experience of watching a film. If cinematography was improved, film would have been a masterpiece. Also climax seems filmy but doesn’t hamper the film.


Like Gorkha Paltan, Narayan Raymajhi has succeed to touch the right chord of audience with Pardeshi. He should be thankful for presenting the story of Nepali society in a Nepali style of story telling. Movie has everything that has the smell of Nepal and Nepali. It is rare to find such film which has brilliant story with Nepali taste. It may not cater to the audience of multiplex but for the audience of single screen and especially for real audience of Nepali film, Pardeshi will make them cry and enjoy the film.

Last Word:

On the whole, Pardeshi is a brilliant film which will get strong mouth publicity. Film will emerge amply victorious at the box office. A must watch Nepali film which will give you smell of Nepal and Nepali which are rare to find at Nepali films at recent time. Don’t Miss !!

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