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Priyanka Karki And Aayushman Desraj Shares Their Marriage Plan On An Exclusive Interview

Aayanka – Aayushman Desraj and Priyanka Karki is the hottest couple of Nepali glamour field and they have surprised their fans by doing an engagement last week without any prior information. Priyanka and Aayushman who are in relationship since a year had done the engagement and this has created different kind of buzz over social media.

After their engagement, Priyanka and Aayushman comes to the media together for the first time and shares about their feelings after being engaged and reveals their plans of getting married. Priyanka shares that they will get married only on 2019 A.D as they have too busy schedules for a year and they want to take time for getting married as they want to make their marriage function a special and memorable one.

Aayushman Desraj Joshi also reveals how he proposed Priyanka’s family for engagement and what was the reaction of the family on this note. Priyanka and Aayushman also express their love and understanding. They feel like they are made for each other and they will make a perfect couple.

Watch an exclusive interview with Priyanka Karki and Aayushman Desraj right here:

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