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Priyanka Karki Answers To ‘Fateko Jutta’ Producer Arjun Kumar In Public

With the success of ‘Fateko Jutta’, producer Arjun Kumar has organized a success party and announced the sequel of the film. He is repeating director Nikesh Khadka and lead actor Saugat Malla but he is not repeating Priyanka Karki in the sequel.

During the success party, Arjun Kumar shared anger and disappointment upon Priyanka Karki and said that she hasn’t supported his film on promotion due to which he is not repeating Priyanka on the sequel. This news has became viral over social media whole day. On this note, Priyanka Karki has gave clarification and answered Arjun Kumar on public today.

Watch the video right here:

Priyanka Karki shared that she has always promoted ‘Fateko Jutta’ and she has never ignored the film so Arjun Kumar has spoke wrong which has hurted her to some extent. She shared happiness on the sequel of the film and is satisfied if producer is not repeating her.

Actress Priyanka Karki At Press Meet Of Butterfly

Priyanka Karki has recently returned back to Kathmandu after completing the shoot of ‘Shatru Gate’ at Birjung and now film will shoot at Kathmandu and other places. Priyanka Karki was present at the song release of her next film ‘Butterfly’.

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