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Ramesh Prasai’s First Interview: Reveals Reason Behind Supporting Rabi Lamichhane

Young journalist Ramesh Prasai is working at Ganatantra FM at Dharan. He has been running radio programs at Ganatantra FM since a year. Ramesh Prasai time and again comes on Facebook Live and express his feelings and thoughts regarding the recent political affairs of Nepal. He has been sharing his support towards Rabi Lamichhane on his Facebook live.

Ramesh Prasai has gave his first video interview for an online where he shares the reason behind supporting Rabi Lamichhane. Ramesh Prasai shares that he supports the effort of Rabi Lamichhane on bringing change in the society by the help of media and he request other also to follow his way of bringing change. He also shares that if he finds Rabi Lamichhane’s any fault than he won’t support him blindly at that time. He assures that he will follow the right path.

Watch an exclusive video:

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