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Sandhya Joshi And Sudit Shrestha Speaks About New Song ‘Mirmire’

Nepal Idol’s one of the top finalist Sandhya Joshi has recently released her new music video featuring Sudit Shrestha. Song titled as Mirmire is sung by Sandhya Joshi which features Sudit Shrestha as a lead model whereas Sudit has also directed the music video.

During the promotion of the song, Sandhya Joshi and Sudit Shrestha has shared fun filled interview where they have shared the story behind the scene of the song. Sandhya Joshi also reveals the fact behind the gossips regarding her relation with Ulson Shrestha. Sandhya Joshi and Ulson Shrestha are said to be in relationship since they were in Nepal Idol.

Sandhya Joshi shares that she is not in relationship with Ulson rather they are very good friend and they share good time while working on music so this rumors has became viral. Watch an exclusive video interview with Sandhya Joshi right here:

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