Sedrina Sharma Expresses Pain On Negative Comments That She Got From Audience

Sedrina Sharma who debuted as a child actor from the film Nai Na Bhannu La 5 where she was paired opposite to Anubhav Regmi’s character. Sedrina Sharma has got very good response from the film as this was the first time where Anubhav Regmi’s pair shadowed him on terms of publicity during the promotion of the film. Sedrina Sharma’s chemistry with Anubhav Regmi was hugely appreciated as well as Sedrina’s smartness was also questioned by the audience to some extent which has literally pinched Sedrina’s emotional.

During an interview, Sedrina Sharma has expressed her pain of getting negative comments that were not meant for progressive rather it were pointed towards her personal life too and she justifies all those comments and requested audience to not point finger towards her personal stuffs too. She sweetly mentions that this is her first try in film and facing media so there may be some mistakes but she expected to point criticism to let her improve her in coming days.

Sedrina Sharma started getting negative comments from her interviews where her way of answering was commented as an attitude as well as she was questioned for her father’s family business Sangam Sweets which came into controversies. Sangam Sweets which came into controversy when Government shut down one of the shop and Sedrina was questioned for this too where she justified very sweetly which is a must watch for audience.

Watch an exclusive video interview with Sedrina Sharma right here:

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