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Sugam Pokharel’s Melodious Track ‘Timi Hidne’ Featuring Aachal Sharma Out

Pop star Sugam Pokharel has released second music video from his upcoming album ‘Swyet Hanshini’ which is scheduled to release by the end of the year. Song composed by Rajan Timilsina is a melodious love song which expresses the tragic feelings of a guy for his girl.

Music video directed by Bikash Subedi features Aachal Sharma as a lead model along with Aakash Rai and Bhuwan Khadka. Aachal Sharma’s appearance on the video has added the glow whereas you can also watch your favorite singer Sugam Pokahrel also at the end lip sync.

Aachal Sharma who is busy on films has been first priority for music videos these days. Especially her pairing with Paul Shah in the videos are appreciated by audience hugely.

Sugam Pokharel At Timi Hidne Music Video

Song is written by Keshab Sharma ‘Belbase’ and music composed by Rajan Timilsina. Shailendra M Pradhan has arranged the music whereas Bikash Subedi has directed the music video.

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