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Suntali – Movie Review

Nepali movie Suntali was released on Feb 13 all over Nepal. Suntali features Priyanka Karki in lead role as a Suntali. Arpan Thapa, Karma, Suryamala Khanal, Rajkumar Pudasaini and Pramod Agrahari are also featured in the movie. Movie is shot at one of the village at Bandipur. Movie is directed by Bhaskhar Dhungana. Suntali was officially selected at Bhusan International Film Festival. Movie’s story is written by Bhaskar Dhungana & Prawin Adhikari whereas screenplay is written by Prawin Adhikari.

Rating: 2/5 (Two Stars)

What’s Good: Direction, performance, story, background score, cinematography, dialogues, locations, music.

What’s Bad: Screenplay which was a disappointing aspect of the movie. Screenplay had a great scope which could turn the movie an awesome but sadly it missed.


Suntali is the story of an orphan girl Suntali who works for Chinmaya at one of the village of Bandipur. Chinmaya is from the rich family of the village and all the village runs under her order. She has huge belief on tradition and religious culture. During the teen age, Suntali falls in love with Sundar. Sundar is the only one son of Chinmaya. After knowing this, Chinmaya with her assistants adds poison in the food of Suntali and tries to kill her but Suntali gets saved luckily. Due to the reaction of the poison, Suntali will not be able to give birth to any child and then Suntali gets disappeared from the village. After three years she comes back to village with her husband Bajrang who is from India. Sundar’s married was fixed with a girl from another rich family according to the wish of Chinmaya. Suntali appears in the village with glamorous avatar. The main intention of Suntali was to take revenge with Chinmaya by staying in the village. How will she take revenge with Chinmaya? What will happen to her love story with Sundar? Will villagers help Suntali or not? You need to watch the movie which is running at the theaters.

Suntali Movie Review:

Suntali starts with Madan Krishna Shrestha’s narration which is one of the refreshing elements of the movie. Movie’s story is nice which could be related with the culture, value and tradition of the village of Nepal which still exist at many places. Suntali’s life has been affected by the culture and society’s value and rituals. Chinmaya character represents a significant symbol of the society of rural areas of Nepal. Movie’s story will hold you on the seat as it have mystery hidden. And to hold you in the seat there are many elements added which will make you laugh.


Movie have comedy, action, suspense, love which are presented in the movie. Movie will entertain you at some place but not as a whole. Few scenes and dialogues of the movie are remarkable and refreshing that will give you a feel that you are watching a Nepali movie made in Nepal. Dialogues between Suntali and Sundar, Sundar’s character, tailor (Arpan Thapa’s character)’s silence love towards Suntali, police and thief chemistry, Chinmaya and her assistants’ conversation are some of the notable aspects of the movie which will make you entertain. Rajkumar Pudasaini’s experience with goons while saving his lady (Sushma Karki) is one of the entertaining aspects of the movie.

Cinematography is another appreciable thing to mention. Beautiful village and the village setting have been portrayed in the screen beautifully. Priyanka Karki as Suntali looks glamorous and beautiful. She has given life to Suntali character. Karma as Sundar has justified the character and nature of the Sundar. Arpan Thapa as tailor is a silent lover who doesn’t speak but his performance expresses. When he runs all sudden to save Suntali at night, that moment expresses the love and dedication towards Suntali. Rajkumar Pudasaini giving dialogues and presented as a cop is superb. Kamal Krishna and Sushma Karki in cameo adds value to the movie.

You may be wondering there is everything that is needed to be in the movie but what lacks that lead movie to get only two stars out of five? Suntali lacks the proper screenplay which will not please audience at the end. Screenplay has focused only on character and their scenes rather than focusing on the real story and theme of the movie. Being a revenge story of Suntali, movie has been distracted here and there which will make audience feel tasteless after having so many good moments within the movie. The main theme is revenge of Suntali and that theme has not been properly elaborated which is the major lacking of the movie. Audience will have many questions that are unanswered by the movie. If revenge story could have been strengthen by the screenplay than Suntali would be one of the remarkable movies as Sano Sansar and Kagbeni but it failed badly.


Suntali is a revenge story which is presented by director Bhaskar Dhungana. Director has tried to present the movie in a new dimension which could be a new and refreshing for Nepali film. I appreciate the way he tried to present the movie but screenplay has a big loop holes which will not please the audience at the end. Director tried to give life to every scenes and character but missed to focus on the main theme of the movie.

It’s like a situation “You go to a restaurant which is rich in its infrastructure, neat and clean, disciplined waiters but the food is tasteless. You feel happy when you are inside the restaurant but you feel disappointed after you come out of the restaurant because restaurant has failed to maintain the quality on its main theme i.e: food.” Suntali have the same case, you feel happy inside the theater but at the end that doesn’t satisfy you.

Last Word:

Suntali will keep engaging inside the theater due to many larger than the life scenes, superb performance, and funny dialogues but at the end movie will not please audience due to lack of proper justification on revenge story of Suntali. Suntali had the space but failed to be remarkable one like Sano Sansar and Kagbeni.

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