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Tanka Budhathoki Went To Ashok Darji’s New Home With Team

Tanka Budhathoki who has been taking care of Ashok Darji’s musical journey has visited Ashok Darji’s new home at Damak. Ashok Darji and Tanka Budhathoki went to Damak to visit the new home of Ashok which is being built at full speed. Tanka Budhathoki observed the house and said that he is happy with the progress of the home.

Tanka Budhathoki has also faced the questions of media where he has been accused for misusing the fund that was collected from Ashok Darji’s events. Tanka Budhathoki answered all the questions with full confident and has clarified all the rumors that came on media. Tanka Budhathoki also explained what will be the future plans of Ashok Darji musical wise as well as educational wise.

Watch the video coverage:

Ashok Darji and Tanka Budhathoki has released their first video song ‘Man Bina Ko Dhan’ which turned out to be viral and super hit. Ashok and Tanka are planning to release next song very soon.

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