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Tanka Budhathoki’s Brother Plans To Use Ashok Darji’s Name And Fame For Mutual Benefits

Ashok Darji is not a new name for the audience of social networking site as his videos are on Trending since couple of months. Whatever content that is associated with Ashok Darji arrives into Trending and this has helped Ashok Darji and his family economically very well. But his name and fame has been misused by music director Tanka Budhathoki in an indirect way which will hamper the career of Ashok in future which is being criticized by big media.

Tanka Budhathoki who has claimed that he has took the rights of Ashok Darji’s musical career for next five years which is a major point to be noted as he hasn’t revealed how he can do agreement with his parents who are nor educated nor they have sound knowledge about this agreement. Tanka Budhathoki is planning to debut his son A.R Budhathoki from Ashok Darji’s second song so he hasn’t allowed to release Ashok Darji’s other songs.

Ashok Darji’s followers from all over the world has been sending money to Tanka Budhathoki to build a house for Ashok Darji at Damak. But Tanka Budhathoki has not responsively providing all the fund details to media nor to the committee who has been building house at Damak. Also a school at Urlabari who took the responsibility of Ashok Darji’s study has mentioned that Tanka Budhathoki has forcefully took Ashok to Kathmandu by dropping his exams. Tanka had kept Ashok at Kathmandu for taking him to Europe and he mentions that school education won’t help Ashok to grow so Europe tour is important rather than school. This statement of Tanka Budhathoki has became major criticism.

Tanka Budhathoki’s brother Tika Ram Budhathoki who mention him as a manager of Tanka Budhathoki has came to a media and has spoke aggressively against all the criticism and has presented intention of Tanka Budhathoki is very positive. But recently an audio has been leaked where we can hear Tika Ram Budhathoki revealing his master plan to one of the member of Ashok Darji’s committee. Tikaram mentions that they will be using Ashok Darji’s name and fame to earn money and to go world tour.

Watch this audio tape and keep watching this space tomorrow for another featured article on this issue. Listen to the tape:

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