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Watch Saugat Malla In New Avatar On Lalpurja’s Song ‘Miteri’ Ft. Miruna Magar

Nigam Shrestha has revealed the release date of the film Lalpurja to be on the 4th of Magh, through the Miteri song released on YouTube. Voices of Jason Kunwar, Anjaan Babu Subedi, Sumnima Singh, Sangeet Chaulagain and Puspa Palanchoke can be heard in this song featuring actors Saugat Malla, Bipin Karki, Menuka Pradhan and Miruna Magar.

Song is said to be Miteri anthem which have a fresh tune for Nepali music lovers. Saugat Malla’s new avatar in the film is also a treat for his fans which has also created excitement on audience for the film. We can see Saugat Malla’s character trying to woo Miruna Magar’s character in the video song.

Watch the video song Miteri from Lalpurja right here:

Saugat Malla And Miruna Magar In Lalpurja Film Song

Nigam Shrestha who has earlier directed film Chadke is coming back after gap of around 3 years. Chadke which had an excellent opening day but poor review has gained lots of criticism. This film is said to be a challenging for Nigam Shrestha as a director. Lalpurja also came into controversy when producer Madhav Wagle was removed from the film as a producer by the team due to financial problem.

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