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Rajesh Hamal Speaks Against Dalai Lama’s Statement Regarding Gautam Buddha’s Birthplace

One week ago Dalai Lama has gave a statement during his talk that Gautam Buddha was born in India not in Nepal and this statement has disappointed the followers of Dalai Lama across the globe as it is a fact that Dalai Lama was born in Nepal. This statement of Dalai Lama became so viral with negative criticism that later Dalai Lama apologized for his mistake.

Recently Nepali actor Rajesh Hamal has also posted a status regarding this statement of Dalai Lama which has hurt large number of Buddha’s followers. Rajesh Hamal shared that this is a fact that is written in history which has been known since long time so now no one can change the fact and if someone tries to do this than it is very shameful act.

Watch an exclusive video interview with Rajesh Hamal right here:

Rajesh Hamal has interacted with an online media and gave his views that this statement of Dalai Lama has disappointed large number of followers of Buddhism and such statement from such a big personality is not good for the nation too. He says that Nepal should also share the Buddha with world as his teachings are useful for the world but the fact behind is birth is always known which cant be changed.

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